This Blast Live CD features tracks including their amazing version of Coldplay’s Clocks, a rocked up Highland Cathedral and We Will Rock You complete with brass section and red hotrock chick Highland dancers.

This CD version also includes brand new studio tracks including a Christmas tune to contend the Number 1 spot and a mesmerising reworking of Massive Attack’s Teardrop.

Modern classics and rock anthems are fused, with all the adrenalin rush created by theChillis’ passion for the bagipes. This live album blasts the pipes into a new musical orbit and ensures that the Red Hot Chilli Pipers star burns bright for all to see and enjoy.


  1. Crooked Bridge
  2. Jack and Barney’s Chopsticks – LA Boum
  3. Celtic Bolero
  4. Smoke on the Water / Thunderstruck / The Fourth Floor
  5. Jazz Badger / The Lochaber Badger
  6. Clocks
  7. Pigs Jigs / Price of the Pig
  8. Hills of Argyll
  9. Highland Cathedral
  10. The Lost
  11. You’re The Voice / Chilli Time
  12. Sexy Lexy / Lexy MacAskill
  13. We Will Rock You / Eye of the Tiger / Clumsy Lover
  14. Rory McLeod / Molly’s Jig / The Famous Baravan
  15. Teardrop / Brenda Stubberts / I’ll Give You Something to Cry For
  16. Little Drummer Boy