Happy 1st September - RHCP Update

02 Mar 2016


August was a great month for the Chillis. We performed gigs in Scotland, England, Germany and America all in 4 weeks!

Our USA tour started in Missoula, Montana. The event took place beside Clark Fork River, which we went for a swim in between sound check and the gig.  It was nice returning to USA to perform at Dublin Irish Fest, a fantastic weekend in Ohio. The sun was shining, the crowds were superb – we loved being back. Another festival we performed at was Milwaukee Irish Festival. We love that festival so much that we recorded our acclaimed DVD ‘Live at the Lake’ there in 2014. It was great to play alongside our great friends Skerryvore, We Banjo 3 and Gaelic Storm.

We also played our first ever show in Indianna at a nice country town called Evansville. The venue, Victory Theatre, was stunning – one of the nicest we have ever performed in! We were also lucky to perform at the launch of Westmoor Golf Club, a beautiful golf course in Wisconsin. They invited us for a round but unfortunately couldn’t fit it in with our schedule. I hope the offer still remains when we return next time… Ha.


We returned to Wacken, an open-air heavy metal music festival in Germany. With over 80,000 attendees, it was special for us to be invited back. This is the first time we’ve ever had fans crowd-surfing. I hope it’s not the last because it looked AMAZING from the stage!

As much as we love performing all over the world, it is nice to return home to perform to a home crowd in Scotland.


As much as we love performing all over the world, it is nice to return home to perform to a home crowd in Scotland. Our 2 shows at the Edinburgh Fringe were brilliant. It’s nice to see so many tourists visiting Scotland’s capital. The Queens Hall was busy on both nights. It will hopefully be a tradition for us to perform there annually!

After World’s Shindig

The World Pipe Band Championships were held in Glasgow on the 13th August. Grant Cassidy, our percussionist, was competing with St.Laurence O’Toole Pipe Band in grade 1. They were crowned the World Champion Drum Corps of 2016! His sister, Louise, also played in the band. Congratulations to them both!

After a quick celebration, we performed a show for Piping Live at the o2 ABC in Glasgow. It was so nice to see so many fans attending our gig if they were at Glasgow Green listening to bagpipes ALL day. We are always grateful for the effort our fans make.

Most of the band are from Glasgow, hence why we LOVE performing there!


Due to great demand, we have started our ‘Red Hot Chilli Piper Tour Diaries’ again! Gary and Dougie are documenting ‘behind the scenes’ videos to give you an insight into the life of the Chilli Pipers. They have already uploaded Part 1 and Part 2 from our recent American Tour. If you haven’t watched them yet, you will find them here:


Congratulations to our bass guitarist, Aldo, and his beautiful wife, Calida, on their marriage. This is very special for us because they met 3 years ago at a Chilli Pipers gig at Loon Mountain Highland Games, New Hampshire. We wish them a future of happiness together!

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